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Ambientia FedEx Day II

Preparations and the idea

At Ambientia we had our second FedEx Day last week. Before the day I had one lunch meeting with the team about the FedEx Day idea in general and the stuff people were going to work with. My presentation about the idea owes mostly to Atlassian, Daniel Pink, Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and of course to my own interpretation. I still could not pronounce Mihály’s name correctly but I will keep trying! At least I think I got most of his ideas right about flow and intrinsic motivation and also the team on right track for the day.

Jari and Kalle working

Jari and Kalle working

The day

During the actual 24 hours the team was a bit outnumbered this time because vacations but it seems they had fun while working and coding anyway. There was loud keyboard crunching and the usual things we normally see during work but there was one major difference. There were not any interruptions by clients or other staff. One of the comments I got form the team was that “I dwelled in flow easily but I completely lost it when I had to calculate subnets with Java…”

FedEx Winner!

The whole company took part when we selected the winner of the day. I organised a simple form and people voted while the presentations took place. Tero was the winner because his project received about 1/3 of the votes! Congratulations! The project is a spike about building rights management to Liferay with annotations. The cool idea is most easily described like this

Tero's code

The next time…

In retrospect we need more planning before the next FedEx Day starts. The team has to be able to start from the very first minute of the day with clear vision what to do. Also, I need to fix the problems I discovered with the concept. I have a couple ideas about how to do this but if you are having thoughts about fixes, please let me know!

If you made this far, thanks! It has been an interesting experiment so far and I am quite confident that we will see more great results based on the work later on…

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