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Boat-trip to the Atlassian Roadtrip

Tough band photo…

On April 14th at 6am, we at Business Wikis and Communities team, started our journey towards Stockholm in order to meet our new colleague James Baker-Duly and to take part of the Atlassian Roadtrip event.

At the crack of dawn Miika, Eric, Jaakko and Niko stepped onto the bus and left the springlike Hämeenlinna behind us. Our first pit-stop was at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where we all enjoyed a very over-priced breakfeast, and from there we continued towards Stockholm Arlanda. After a quick 40-minute flight and an half-an-hour taxi trip, we finally arrived to our destination – Our office in Stockholm, Kista where Marko, Sana and James, the new recruit, were eagerly waiting for our arrival.

The morning in Stockholm was all about getting to know our fresh colleague. After a long informal chat, we headed for lunch and then back to office for an official office opening ceremony (no pun intended) – Bubbly drinks for everyone (well, nearly everyone)!

During the afternoon, we travelled to Berns Salonger where Atlassian Roadtrip presentation was just about to start. Atlassian spokesman, Ken, told us how they use their own products in software development. We also learned how Atlassian pacifies the working environment in order to guarantee a calm place for their developers to work in. Atlassian also treated us with a sneak peak to their new and improved rich text editor that is going to make its appearance in Confluence 4.x. As a cherry on top, we had a chance to “invest” fake money on Atlassians cool new ideas for Jira and Confluence. The idea behind it was that the real “money makers” will be taken into development at an earlier stage. I really look forward to see how they work out.

After the formal session was over, we had a few hours to meet and greet other attendees and Atlassian personnel. It was nice to hear how different organisations use Atlassian products and how versatile these implementations can really be. Hanging out with nicest people, following tumbling conversation, throwing ideas back and forth while enjoying good food and drinks – this is what good Roadtrips are made of.

Around 5pm we took a cab to the harbour where our next method of transportation was waiting to set sail. We dropped our luggage into the cabins and headed out for dinner and drinks.

After a long day and night, and a very special midnight show on the cruise ship, that made me change my diet and exercise habits (yes, it was Scandinavian Hunks :P), our ship arrived at Turku, Finland. Our tired posse was eager to find something for breakfeast before our very last bumpy bus ride back to Hämeenlinna.

Eric Salonen
Consultant, Business Wikis and Communities

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