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Atlassian Summit insight: A and A are quite similar

Having a break in Atlassian Summit.

Greetings from sunny and cold San Francisco. I have attended the Atlassian Summit 2011, an event gathering the Atlassian partners and customers around the world together to meet up in a conference in California.

Atlassian is anything but an American company, they are from the down under – Australia. They have adopted a way out more agile and softer business model than an average American one. Therefore I find them more close to the Northern European company – like Ambientia.

It was amazing to heard John Rotenstein from Atlassian about his thoughts of internal communications in their organisation. John is responsible of internal tools. Atlassian have done several things in the same way like Ambientia.

They have:

  • People in six offices in different countries (like we have)
  • They use English as an company language (like we do)
  • Open company – no bullshit (yes!)
  • FedEx Days were people can have a freedom to develop their own project (what we have adopted from them)

They use:

  • Instant messaging (IM) in a very same way as we do. Software is free software as Skype, but I couldn’t get a name of it because there is only logo without name.
  • Common Confluence main page for whole the company with very identical content objects in similar UI layout
  • Page to praise each other inside the company, like we have in Finland right now
  • Page of new employees for introduces them to others. This is important for all fast growing companies, otherwise it’s quite hard to know people from the other locations.

After the session I wrote down with big letters that we have always stay as an open and positive company, I also made a list of several things I’d like to improve. We can always be better. I was still proud while listening John’s presentation – I can have a next presentation!

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