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What connects paintball, sauna, homemade food and beer? Documentation Sprint of course.

This is a semi short description what went on last Friday in Ambientia when Ambientia’s NOC had their semiannual Documentation Sprint. For you who are not yet familiar with DS, it is a gathering, meeting or concept (depending on whom you ask) focusing on unfinished, new, obsolete, or… well any kind of documentation for an undefined period of time (well, normally anything between one to three days). This time the DS turned out to be two Skype sessions for planning and the grand event for the actual documentation itself.

For a documentation sprint I would recommend a well-isolated environment. In our case, we decided to hijack and barricade our biggest meeting room, the Red Zone, for the whole Friday (for a future reference, if you’re planning to do this, you better have a good reason for it and do it on time, less trouble, I tell you). It is nice to realize that documentation (that necessary evil for all done work) can be much more fun when you are not obligated to do it as part of your regular work, nor you have to do anything else than just focus on your doc in hand, and you can let yourself just flow and puke all you got on the topic (well, I’m not sure how well this description works in English, but I’ll stick with it) and then clean up your mess afterwards. The outcome in most case is pretty darn good.

Well, if I would end this post right here, it would sound like one boring day, so I’ll keep on going. When you get the whole group together (all the personnel from NOC was present) in a happening like this, you want to make best out of it. So of course we had little extra curriculum activities waiting for us. When we had finished reviewing the grand results of the day the whole team (with few extras from Services Desk) took a ride to play three grueling hours of paintball. Multiple headshots, punishing ass shots and a few face first dives later there were no balls left (literally, and figuratively) and we were steaming like eight nuclear chimneys. Man it was great fun.

Next the eight sweaty men were transferred to another undisclosed location to share war stories and compare battle wounds over some homemade pizzas (thanks Laura from Service Desk!) and tons of cold brewskies. Of course, because we’re in Finland, next in itinerary were endless rounds of sauna. After few hours running fort and back between Sauna and fridge (brewskies!), the strongest of us went to flex their documentation muscle into the Hämeenlinna’s night, but I think that is a completely another story.

In general I would say that the documentation sprint was a great success and would definitely like to see them to be held much more often! I encourage you to try it out too.

One Response to “What connects paintball, sauna, homemade food and beer? Documentation Sprint of course.”

  1. Henri Sora

    Thanks, Matias!

    I am sorry for myself because I could not attend both of the contents. I have seen the results of the Documentation Sprint but I am not completely sure if I want to see the bruises. 🙂 We will keep on sprinting…

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