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Breaking the ice with Vaadin (on way to JFokus)

See we received an update to the book of Vaadin

See? We did receive an update to the book of Vaadin.

Our JFokus Team embarked upon the journey to JFokus by first breaking the ice on a cruise ship on the Baltic Sea. The almost-traditional Vaadin Meetup on the way to the conference did prove worthwhile. Joonas and his crew did an excellent job organising both speakers and refreshments for the cruise.

The highlights for me were as follows:
– Sprigsource’s Josh Long, i.e. @starbuxman, gave a lively presentation about Cloudfoundry and Roo;
– Vaadin 7 features sound interesting and promising for all Vaadin developers;
– The guys from Zeroturnaround were impressive as always.

Actually, the Vaadin team did not touch upon the subject of mobile development with Vaadin during the meetup. So, I am looking to hear about their iOS development ideas at Jfokus, then. Good job, Vaadin Crew!


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