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Commentary on Key Jfokus Presentations

[This is a cross-posting to Ambientia’s intranet and to our blog.]

At the Jfokus conference there were many interesting, well-crafted presentations that provoked a lot of thoughts and ideas. I cannot comment on all of the presentations but here are a few highlights I would like to share with you now.

Greg Young, Unleash Your Domain

For me, Greg Young’s presentation was the most compelling one at the show based on the conference setlist. He did not disappoint. Greg gave his famous talk about the transactional data model. It was an enlightening speech about certain handicaps of domain models and about the benefits to be gained by stepping away from the antiquated relational model.

It sure seems like we at Ambientia have to give the idea some serious thought as soon as a suitable project emerges. Then again, it would be of the utmost interest to observe real implementation technologies and examples of how these ideas have been designed to take shape as a concrete application.

I recommend that all developers see Greg’s presentation as soon as the video is available.

You can follow Greg at @gregyoung

Sven Peters, 7 Things: How to make good teams great

Sven’s presentation was quite intriguing because I have been a FedEx Day advocate  for some years now. Therefore, I had prepared some thorny questions for him beforehand. It was a shame that I did not get the chance to tease him with my questions because time ran out before we got to the questions. Sven, beware of the next time I will be in the audience…

At Ambientia, we do practise most of the ideas that Sven was talking about. We have FedEx Days and teams may have quiet time if they need it, and so on. Then again, we have just had a couple of Brown Bag lunches or similar happenings. In keeping with that Ambientia tradition, we picked up the idea again! We have already announced that there will be Brown Bag lunches during which time we intend to show certain Jfokus videos. Thanks for the inspiration, Sven!

You can follow Sven at @svenpet 

Sven Peters at Jfokus giving a presentation about great teams

Sven giving his presentation


Fabiane Bizinella Nardon, Continuous Deployment of Java applications

Imagine Brazilian women. Imagine really hard. Then, imagine an experienced IT geek explaining the continuous deployment of Java applications.  At least, in my mind, those images are vastly different from each other… Well, it was time to correct my imagination and learn. Fabiane held an awesome presentation almost without slides about continuous deployment. It takes courage to show deployment principles live on stage in front of experienced developers. The courage paid off. The examples were really motivating because we were able to see how she had worked her deployment magic – and magic it was. I am not going to give out any spoilers about the content. Please see her video when it becomes available. It is well worth the investment of your time.

You can follow Fabiane at @fabianenardon


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