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Liferay Symposium Warm-Up Cruise with Liferay and Red Hat

We ran into some difficulties when we were preparing for our Liferay Symposium Warm-Up Cruise in organising the transport of our booth and presentation materials to Stockholm.  A couple of companies failed to deliver the bulky baggage from Finland to Sweden. So, well, we ended up hauling the pesky thing ourselves, all the way from Hämeenlinna to Helsinki, by train and then, by taxi. If you saw my hands shaking while I was making  my presentation, this irksome snafu, and not an overdose of caffeine, was the reason for my jitteriness.

The point for the warm-up cruise was to enjoy a change from the Finnish Liferay scene, a chance to gather together and talk about interesting Liferay-related ideas – in Finnish. Both Liferay and Red Hat were sponsoring the happening. It was a pity that we were not able to attract more of a crowd because we had interesting presentations and even better talks after the official show was over.

Opening of the show

Ambientia’s CEO, Ville Availa opened the show with some remarks about Liferay’s development in Finland in contrast to its experiences in Sweden.

SAML and Liferay, Mika Koivisto

Mika flew in from Los Angeles to give us a presentation,  a very  interesting one at that, about Liferay’s SAML capabilities and treated us to some illuminating examples of how the ideas are actually working in practice. He explained that Liferay can act both as a SAML Service Provider and also as a SAML Identity Provider.  We learned that when the feature was being developed, some of the main test targets were Liferay itself, Google Apps and Salesforce.com. Mika also demonstrated on his computer how a user may login from [a] Liferay Portal to Salesforce.com with the SSO features. When requested, Mika even explained how a portal-ext.properties file needs to be modified for [an] SAML configuration.

Mika clarified that the SAML functionality is available only as a part of EE subscription. Roadmap for Liferay 6.2. will most likely include WS-Security, Management UI and improve scalability for the feature.

Mika’s presentation about SAML and Liferay

Boosting your portal with JBoss, Janne Korhonen

He started with the background of the Red Hat and JBoss projects in general. Even today Red Hat’s value proposition is based on support and a seven-year lifecycle of the products.  He also talked about the Red Hat and the Liferay subscription models as being quite similar in comparison.

To me, the most interesting part of Janne’s presentation was the last slide. He had compiled a slide, outlining how Red Hat’s products might enhance and extend the features of portal implementations. The categories of how the products can help are:

–          ESB and integration platform (JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform)

–          Data integration and virtual databases (JBoss Data Services Platform)

–          Rules Engine (JBoss Enterprise Rules Management System)

The demonstration of how Red Hat and Liferay products may be used together symbiotically provided me with an excellent bridge to my own presentation.


Liferay and JBoss SOA Platform working together, Henri Sora

I think my presentation went well. At least the guys had the patience to listen to it and they even showed enough interest to ask some questions – and to credit the architecture. Thanks!

You may check out my presentation from Slideshare at

View more presentations from Ambientia


Liferay and soa platform

View more presentations from Ambientia

Liferay experiences, Henri Leisma

The other Henri from Ambientia made a timeline of our Liferay experiences from the humble beginning to the present day. Henkka explained about:

–          Bovallius

–          Metalliliitto

–          Musiikkitalo

–          And certain other sites we cannot mention

Henkka’s presentation identified Liferay challenges, experiences and learning processes over the course of time. He also provoked some comments with certain responsive design principles and asset publisher usage.

In aftermath of the show

After the official presentations, we were treated to some really excellent food, discussions and beer. And the original awkwardness we encountered at the beginning of the journey was almost completely forgotten!


The warm-up bands have finished now. It is the time to open the curtain for the actual Symposium.

5 Responses to “Liferay Symposium Warm-Up Cruise with Liferay and Red Hat”

  1. Janne Korhonen

    Thank you Ambientia & co, it was a great cruise! I would like to comment on my picture with a notion that JBoss Business Rules Management System (BRMS) will have a BPMN2 process engine in the near future rationalizing its position in the picture. BRMS can be used to integrate processes, services and rules into a business back-end while portal acts as a frame for user experience.

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