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The 2012 Service Desk Forum: Ambientia as an employer compared to Google and Atlassian

Henna won the 2011 Service Desk Professional Award last year in Finland. In recognition of this honor, Henna’s manager, Laura, was asked to speak at the 2012 Service Desk Forum in Stockholm. For practical reasons, Laura passed on the assignment to me. So, I ventured over to Sweden’s capital city to teach the Swedes a thing or two about proper Service Desk management…

Stitching together the presentation was way more laborious than I had imagined. Then again, the process was a revelatory experience because I had to force myself to define and synthesize a couple of our traditional leadership practices to fit concisely into a short presentation. As a happy result, I was able to invent an idea – one, which I would like to try out with the team.

Stian Veganger delivered his presentation right before I did. And it was a really hilarious experience because I could not tell whether Stian was speaking in Swedish or in Norwegian. At least he claimed that he came from the best Norwegian Service Desk. Stian had an excellent-looking management framework for operating his team. So in that respect, his claim does seem valid.

I think my talk went well – even though I might have painted a portrait of Ambientia as a totally hippie organization or an enclave of bohemians; but such descriptions are only partially true. Nevertheless, we are developing well, and at a good pace towards such. For this presentation, I constructed the slide deck in a slightly novel way, i.e. the speaker’s notes contain most of the information in writing. So, please check those notes if you are interested in the presentation below:

I was really delighted when, based on the talk I gave, Ambientia, as an employer, was favourably compared to Google and Atlassian! But the kudos did not stop there! A linkage was also made between the Results Only Work Environment movement and our leadership methods! Thank you, guys! We have been working hard for years to get this point.  Thank you so much for the recognition!

In the end, though, the Service Desk Forum turned out to be a mentally and even physically challenging day, but one, nevertheless, which was also rewarding. I unreservedly recommend the conference to anyone who works with Service Desks – and who is also able to decipher messages sent in Swedish.


2 Responses to “The 2012 Service Desk Forum: Ambientia as an employer compared to Google and Atlassian”

  1. Lina Warme

    Ok, so dont know if the word Sähköpostiosoite means email – Just a guess.

    They say that Swedish people understand Norwegian (and the other way around)…But ehhmm, thats not always right. If you have had your talk in Finnish, I would look as i did after the Norwegian guy (Big, Big eyes, with a stupid look om my face). So, BIG thanx for your english presentation!

    Been thinking about what will “stick” with me after the Servicedesk Forum.
    Your hippie-talk is one of the things! (BTW, it wasnt a hippietalk, it was a bloody great talk!) What i notice every single day at work, is that a smile (and maybe a funny story or two) takes me a looooong long way! A great Sevicedesk-worker is a happy dude (with à bit brain also).

    See u on twitter!

  2. Pihla Rostedt

    “even though I might have painted a portrait of Ambientia as a totally hippie organization or an enclave of bohemians”

    This is not a bad thing at all =)

    -One hippie in Ambientia

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