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Confluence 4.3 – Atlassian Summit

Confluence- State of the union address, by Bill Acronati- Group Confluence Product Manager, presented some interesting new developments that have been implemented for confluence as a more integrated enterprise environment

Confluence is to transform organizations for everyone to have a voice, so that information flows freely and that everyone can collaborate to get work done.

Confluence, as we know it, has two areas that make its whole, “creating” and “discovering” content. However, Atlassian have highlighted an additional area to this methodology, for users to be more integrated and that is to “Act” and finally a lot of time and effort has been put into mobility. Let me provide a short description of each area:



Creating content in Confluence has become richer and faster and an intuitive editing experience. Here are some developments.

  • Compelling structured page layouts- Drop down menu with a selection of pre-defined intuitive tables, headers and footers.
  • Ignite collaboration with “Likes”- Quick Comments and Likes engage everyone and encourage collaboration
  • Finally, for the power users, you can get your HTML editor back, by downloading the plugin “Source” for free!
  • User friendly drag and drop, macros, youtube, images and image effects- you just need to experience.
  • Auto convert links
  • Great emphasis on keyboard shortcuts
  • Creating and assigning tasks in pages- This is perfect for meetings, checklists, project plans.


Lets have a look at the “discover” evolution of Confluence starting at 3.5 with the introduction of sharing pages with autowatch. In 4.0, they added @mentions (@yourname) which was to engage users to take part in content and in 4.2 a further increase in engagement by adding the famous “like” button. Here are some new discover features-

  • Discover what´s popular- Browse over the live “Popular content” stream and discover the pages, blogs, and comments that are being liked, commented on and viewed the most.
  • Stay in touch with your inbox – Receive weekly updates on popular content direct to your inbox, without having to log into Confluence.                            


So what is the “Act” part of this methodology? Well, the idea is for users to get notifications of information in order to reach decisions quicker. How is this done? Well, you’ve always had access to  Confluence notifications in email, and hence a lot of time spent in your mail box. It’s now about time to say goodbye to email and switching context. Confluence 4.3 will give you instant access to your shares, mentions, comments, and likes, in one place, helping the user to get more work done efficiently.


Atlassian have put a great deal of effort in the new, super-responsive interface optimized for iPhone and Android devices that you just have to experience-  easy navigation, quick to do´s, access for business status updates….”your collaboration on the go.”



Be sure to visit the confluence 4.3 release notes page, to read more….

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