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Marketplace- Atlassian Summit

Atlassian have launched Marketplace. I will give you a quick outline of what it is and how you, the Atlassian fans can now get your add-ons. Why the change from Atlassian Plugin Exchange to Atlassian Marketplace? Well you can think of it as an extension upon the plugin exchange to make it easier for you to browse, try and buy powerful add-ons for all your Atlassian applications. With the launch at the summit, there are currently 59 add-ons and counting for purchase.

Browse it

You have two ways of browsing and accessing add-ons, either through the Universal Plugin Manager or directly through your favourite Atlassian application.

The new banner carousels allow you to quickly and easily view product screen-shots and videos on the add-on detail pages. There is also an updated four-star rating system that allows the user to evaluate the add-ons based on community feedback

Try it

You can try add-ons directly from the add-on detail page through a free 30-day trial license. Your license will be generated so that you can be up and running in minutes and if you decide to make the purchase, Atlassian have made the process as seamless as it is for purchasing their core products. No more context switching, licensing delays, or third-party vendor websites.

Buy it

The purchasing process has been simplified as a single point of contact for license and renewal purchases whereby the Atlassian Marketplace, handles all licensing, invoicing, and billing. Just add your add-on to the Atlassian shopping cart and checkout.



Go and check out the new marketplace

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