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Bigger, better Jira 5.1

Jira Enterprise Performance and Scalability

Jira 5.1 Enterprise Performance and Scalability


It was amazing to hear about the new Jira 5.1. Due to the enhanced performance and scalability, Jira is now meeting many requirements for scaling as a issue management tool for enterprises. Performance of the new version is promising, a whopping +40 % better throughput than Jira 4.4. This means shorter waiting times for users and significantly less usage of server resources. The new Jira will also tackle the magical 200 000 issue limit problem that was facing many large enterprises, the waiting is now over.


From the user perspective, there are a couple of neat new features:

– Inline editing of issues in the issue view screen – no more page reloads!
– jql searches from issue history, for example who was the assignee of an issue and what status the issue was in earlier.
– Sharing issues by email
– Twitter-like @-mentions
– Remote issue linking, including Jira to Jira issue links
– Dashboard gadgets for presenting issue data from multiple Jira instances
– full REST API for supporting direct integrations to other software

Greenhopper users

Greenhopper users

At the Atlassian Summit, agile methodologies were highly evangelised. Greenhopper is now a state of the art tool for development teams managing issues and agile processes. With over 650 000 developers using Greenhopper, this makes it the most widely used tool for managing issues and it is actually bigger than three of its biggest rivals put together. The new Greenhopper also has support for Kanban teams as Kanban is stated to be one of the easiest methodologies for development teams in adopting agile procedures. Atlassian announced they’re gaining +38 % better development cycle throughput by adapting Kanban. Other companies stated being able to release two more big releases per year after adapting Kanban.

In the future, Atlassian will implement couple of highly requested features into Jira, including project archiving, roadmap planning and exportable workflows without any hassles with different schemes. For enterprises, Atlassian has published tools for testing the performance of the environment including a JIra data generator and ‘The grinder’ test scripts.

Check the Atlassian enterprise resources for more info at atlss.in/wegobig

Jira 5.1 is available for testing purposes through the Early Access Program (EAP): Jira 5.1 EAP release notes

JIRA 5.1 Sneak Peek – Edit Issues In-line


One Response to “Bigger, better Jira 5.1”

  1. concerto49

    We’ve been using JIRA 5.1 for a while now. It definitely feels snappier than previous versions of JIRA. Great article. It’s amazing to see the number of developers using Greenhopper.

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