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My expectations for #LESS2012

Last year, in the beginning of November, I attended to LESS for the first time. I felt overwhelmed of the topics, of the new information and of a whole new aspect of software development. It was pure joy.

For me, a plain-old software developer, thinking our industry from a different angle seemed to open new doors and fresh ideas.

At the end of the 2nd day of the conference, Jean Tabaka wanted to have an open retrospective for the conference. I thought that I don’t want to get involved that much. Not that time. But then I walked past the door and saw nobody there, making me want to join. So did, few minutes later, all the organizers of #LESS2011. And so I became part of the organizing crew of #LESS2012. By accident – “Tuurilla tämäkin laiva seilaa”, as we say here in Finland.

Almost a year of preparations for #LESS2012. And like the previous year, it all started at Agile Riga Day. Sitting at hotel lobby before conference dinner; hanging around with friends and enjoying life. And there we started planning for #LESS2012. And it happens to be just around the corner now. So, what are my expectations for  #LESS2012 now being one of the organizers?

I expect to

  • meet a bunch of new people I enjoy hanging around with
  • discuss a lot on LESS topics: Lean, Agile, Management Innovations, Management Frameworks and Beyond Budgeting
  • drink beer
  •  … with good friends
  •  learn new ideas I can bring back to work
  •  … especially in Lean Startup and Stoos
  •  facilitate open space for the first time ever
  •  … and to fail (I love small failures)
  •  … and to learn from my failures
  •  hang around with people I’ve never met before
  •  … and drink beer
  •  to present interesting data I’ve gathered over the last 1,5 years
  •  … on story points and what information they provide
  •  … if any.

First and foremost, I expect to attend to a one great conference where a lot of new ideas are born. And which enables our profession to take one more step towards organisations with a specific mindset.

That of learning.

Having said all this, if you attend to #LESS2012, please come and talk with me. I’d love to have a chat. I am this guy.

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