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Why I attend to conferences

Let’s get this one right from the get-go. I am lucky. I’ve always been, and probably always will. This time I’m feeling especially lucky for having such a software craftspeople as friends.

The first week at work after summer holiday, had never been week to enjoy for me. Yet, this year was different. Like most years – I had very relaxing and enjoyable summer holiday. Yet I think that I had never been this energized to work after the holidays. And it’s not that I had such a lovely summer – no. This time it’s something else to thank.

During the very summer, I was lucky enough to be able to attend two very special conference. Namely two unconferences where we all attendees, craftspeople as peers, share ideas, innovate and are likely to be, if not passionate about software, very close to caring about our work and how we keep the code clean. I’ve learned lot, and more importantly, I’ve been energized to a whole new level.

Firstly, on May, I attended I T.A.K.E unconference in Bucharest, Romania. A conference so special in how it makes everyone feel like being home. While the general atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the talks and workshops are inspiring and thought provoking (e.g. CQRS, Interaction-Driven-Design). A mix that, for me, brings the best of both sides – people and software. I.T.A.K.E is a conference I won’t skip next year!

That particular conference, just on the edge of summer, energized me to start learning something new – I decided to learn basic usage of AWK and SED before the conference (partly because I needed those while preparing my talk). These two programmer’s tools were such that I’ve long hoped to learn. And all the learning did not stop there – with all the energy I gained from the conference, I decided to get some understanding on Node.js and Clojure before the second conference, namely SoCraTes.

I spent the first days after summer holiday at SoCraTes – the conference I find the most energising and inspiring of them all. SoCraTes is special in the way there are no separation between ‘speakers’ and ‘audience’ – there are only one sort of people, namely ‘us’. And we all discussed on the topics we found to be the most interesting. And based on the topics, I find hot topics to be Micro Services, Event Sourcing and Mob programming.

Overall, during the summertime I learned 4 new languages / tools for my craftsman toolkit. Also, I’ve received quite a few kudo cards.


Probably all this together made me feel more energised than ever after summer holidays. Moreover, I am not surprised that I am still feeling the same.

Luckily, the following season has few very interesting, and very nice events coming: tour de Coderetreat (Helsinki-Tampere-Turku) by Agile FinlandGlobal Day of Coderetreat and code freeze. Why not to attend to one of the events?

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