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Liferay Devcon 2015 – Developer’s Recap

Liferay’s annual developer conference, Devcon, was held for the third time in Darmstadt, Germany. Ambientia sent out a convoy of five people to hear about the latest news about Liferay. This year we also participated in the Unconference as well, to see what it was all about.

Henri Leisma and Michael Han in the unconference sessions

Henri Leisma and Michal Han talked us through about the Liferay Service Builder and how it has changed in Liferay 7.0 – this unconference session was worth gold!

On Tuesday we headed for the Unconference. The event itself did not have an agenda as such – the idea was that the event would organize itself. So in the morning we had a session to define the sessions for the rest of the day. It was the developers themselves who were in charge.

A lot of interesting sessions were announced, people asking questions and volunteering to share the information they had about various features of Liferay. We ambientians put a total of five sessions on the board: we wanted to talk about the service builder in Liferay 7, audience targeting and what people have done with hooks, for example. The day was filled with exciting sessions and most of all very, very talented people sharing their knowledge. In the evening we had the community meeting at the Braustübl restaurant – it was a blast!

Then it was all about the main event, the two days of Devcon. As Liferay 7 is built to support OSGi, the keynote and a lot of the talks of the day one were somehow related to modularity of software or that of Liferay 7. Other topics of the day included new tools for building themes, the upgrade path to Liferay 7 and brand new tools to go with it. In the evening of the first day, as usual, there were some shenanigans going on in the form of Oktoberfest Game Night. It was great to meet the fellow people over a few beers and games.

Day two of the actual conference started with a presentation about Liferay and mobile, James Falkner giving a community update afterwards. It was nice to see that Ambientia’s work for the Liferay community was noted in the form of a community excellence award.

Otherwise the second day, at least for me, was mainly about audience targeting. There were a lot of other topics as well, but when we had two presentations about audience targeting and a couple of workshops to get your hands dirty afterwards, it really wasn’t an option for me to miss this. There was some really cool stuff we learned about the feature – and most of them usable on Liferay 6.2 as well.

Audience Targeting Preparations

Audience targeting workshops allowed developers to try the feature themselves. [picture from www.liferay.com]

All in all, it was nice to participate to the event again. Over the years I’ve learned a lot by doing, reading code and listening to what the more experienced people have done. Events like these are a great opportunity to get new ideas for your daily work. Still, after all these years, the talent of the community surprised me the most, good job you guys!

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  1. James Falkner

    Hey Lauri – It was great seeing you and the other ambientians at devcon! And congratulations on the community excellence award – you guys earned it!


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