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14th ShipIt Day

In Hämeenlinna office we had the 14th ShipIt Day on 22.-23.10.2015. (About earlier ShipIt Days,  read here!) This time themes varied from HR development (my choice) to documentation and, of course, coding. We are still a strong Java shop, but this time we really had a developer who decided to do his own time tracking application on – tadaa – Windows! It is actually pretty handy little tool, which follows login & logout times, changes in power supply and so forth – no need to follow your own lunch times.

Ambientia ShipIt Day ruokaa

Good food is the key element to get things done!

We had a bit stringent work situation, so quite a many developers skipped the event. During ShipIt Days people usually more or less participate in every project and help wherever they can, so lack of developers wasn’t an issue. I, for example, gave my input to the UFTC portal improvement and developers helped each other back and forth, whenever there was a need for it. The last heroes remained in the office until well over midnight – the very last one left the building at 3:40 AND was back at 8 in the following morning!

Ambientia ShipIt Day getting late

It is getting late…

The projects were

– Time tracking system for Windows;
– Distributed and automation testing;
– Application called Neukkari-Seppo to see if office’s meeting rooms are idle or not, for tablet;
– Get some perf stats out of Liferay, adding custom stats & visualizing;
– A new portal for our very own UFTC -challenge (what, UFTC? Check it here, only in Finnish, thou);
– Pre-receive hook for validating puppet files;
– Theme CSS Style Guide;
– Grails development (customer’s case);
– Career development;
– Android-widget to follow the price of electricity in realtime;
– Setup plugin dev environment to use Groovy;
– Documentation in our own environment and
– Listing of internal development tools.

Ambientia ShipItDay Neukkari-Seppo getting done

The last details and ready to go: Neukkari-Seppo

After 24h, we gathered to hear what had been done. It took a bit more than an hour to get through all the projects, even though we were quite rough and quick. And as always, we had a vote of the winner. This time almost third of the votes went to Antti, who made excellent job with testing. His work was indeed in line with the basic rule of ShipIt Day “something that Ambientia might be able to sell or benefit in future” and Antti will get an opportunity to focus on the issue for 4 more days. Great job!

I had my own topic on career development and I was more than happy to spend the hours I could with qualitative interview with colleagues. It was indeed inspiring! I got a lot of ideas how to develop the existing system. Also it was very nice to be able to discuss of such topics without too much fuss around, with people I haven’t really met in such level before. I will continue my work later, a and I am very happy to tell that there was at least one Ambientian who liked my topic enough to give a vote for it! Thank You, whoever you are <3

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