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VMworld 2015 and containers

Me and my college Matias Mäkinen were couple of weeks ago in VMworld Europe 2015 in Barcelona. First surprise in our journey was that our flight to Barcelona was with Finnair new A350 plane. It was huge and really quiet.

In VMworld Europe there was total 506 different sessions and 466 speakers. There was also lab where you can try all new features of VMware in action. These labs are also available online for everyone: http://labs.hol.vmware.com/HOL/catalogs/. Best of VMWorld in my opinion was conversations in small groups with technical people. Thank you Scott Lowe and George Hicken.

One of goals in VMworld was to find out what VMware is planning about containers. vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon Platform was key to that. Vsphere Integrated Containers is basicly one virtual machine providing docker API. This is mainly for developers. With this VMware tries to change as little as possible when developer changes his current docker containers from current location into vSphere environment. VMWare uses their own Photon OS in Linux containers. It is also possible to run Windows and even DOS inside vSphere integrated containers. There was nice demo about DOS where after you started msdos docker there was Prince of Persia to play. You could also save your progress and upload your docker image to catalog for later use.

VMWare Photon Platform is just stripped version of ESXi containing vSphere Integraged Containers. Or at least that was what we be told. Vsphere Integrated Containers relay on new features of vSphere 6 and needs Enterprise Plus licensing. VSphere Integrated Containers (and Photon Platform) was only in Tech Preview and it might be available in first part of 2016 (not yet announced). Also pricing was not annouced. George Hicken tweeted nice pic about how vSphere Integrated Containers really work.


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